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The Osaka Pavilion logo mark has now been selected.

From Friday, July 29 to Monday, October 3, 2022, the Osaka Pavilion Promotion Committee of the Japan International Exposition, 2025, solicited entries for the Osaka Healthcare Pavilion logo mark. We are pleased to announce that the Osaka Pavilion logo mark has now been selected from among the 320 entries submitted, following a review by the Selection Committee.


Under the theme of "REBORN" the Osaka Health Care Pavilion symbolizes the possibility of a future in which each person will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and take a step toward their own unique way of life, in the form of an egg.
Based on the blue of the water city and the green of the city, the pavilion represents the Osaka of the future, where possibilities are protected and nurtured through advanced medical care and healthcare that permeate daily life.
Visitors to the pavilion will learn about their own potential and future, crack open the eggshell, and be reborn into a new life.


Name: Kazuhiro Ikeda
Occupation: Designer, Art Director